5 Ways Our Salt Cave Helps with Allergies

Have you ever considered using a salt cave for allergies? Our salt cave here at The Orchard offers many, many health benefits for the body, one of them being to help relieve allergy discomfort. Seasonal allergies symptoms usually include sneezing, a runny or blocked nose, itchy and watery eyes, headache, cough, and sometimes difficulty breathing. These symptoms happen because of an immune response in the body that is being triggered by an outside allergen. Some examples of these allergens can be pollen, mold, pet dander, changes in weather, certain foods, dust, and household chemicals. Typically when individuals are hypersensitive to these allergens, they release a chemical in the body called histamines to try and fight off the irritant, which results in inflammation and people usually needing to take medications, such as an antihistamine to alleviate their symptoms.

Salt therapy, such as a Salt Cave, uses halotherapy as a way to naturally treat skin conditions and respiratory issues like allergies, asthma, and even COPD. The salt is grounded up into microscopic pieces using our halogenerator and dispersed through the air in a dry room, allowing you to breathe in the salt and open up the airways.

Here are some ways that salt therapy helps with seasonal allergies:

  1. Breaks up mucus in the lungs
    The small salt particles help to break up the mucus that may build up in the lungs from allergies. If you are someone who suffers from a runny nose or chronic congestion, a salt cave could offer you some instant relief from these allergy symptoms.
  2. Reduces inflammation
    Breathing in salt calms inflammation by clearing toxins and other allergens out of the airways. The salt travels deep into the sinuses and naturally attacks the problem by reducing all bronchial swelling.
  3. Alleviates symptoms and discomfort
    Sneezing, congestion, sinus issues, headaches, and wheezing are all symptoms that can be alleviated from just one salt session. Clients have stated that going regularly has helped either lessen their symptoms or have made them go away completely.
  4. Flushes out the allergen
    While the salt particles are cycling through your airways, irritants and allergens are absorbed into the salt.
  5. Antibacterial
    Bacteria is also a huge trigger to the immune system and can make the symptoms of an allergy much worse. By breathing in medical-grade salt, the salt becomes antibacterial in the body and absorbs any other bacterial growth.

Not only does our Salt Cave help those with allergies, it is a very calm and tranquil room to relax in. Our gravity chairs allow for a weightless feel as you sit back and put your feet up. Our salt cave sessions usually run 60 minutes and are great for both adults and children.

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