Paul Crumby is our resident Astrologist. A native of Southern California, he holds a Ph.D. in Government from Claremont Graduate University. He recently retired after a full and fulfilling teaching career for 43 years.
Paul began his interest in astrology during what is commonly known as a mid-life crisis (about age 42). He discovered, through astrology, that what he was experiencing was his Uranus/Uranus opposition (a quest for freedom and independence). It fit him to a tee. Over the past 30 years, he has tried, unsuccessfully, to dis-prove astrology.
Paul brings an in-depth knowledge of the subject with his Leo-style sense of humor.


Astrology is astronomy put to poetry.


Paul Crumby has a way of showing you the beauty in the stars and how they relate to you and how they can affect you in the future. You are more than your Sun Sign; you are a little bit of each sign, each influencing you in different ways.


Paul teaches a monthly class, where we dive into the ins and outs of whatever sign currently reigns.

Happy Birthday Scorpios,

There will be a very close look at what it means to be a Scorpio. It is the sign of power (hence, the time of our national/state elections).
Also, the period of transformation as represented by Halloween. See how this period affects us all.


Come celebrate Scorpios on November 1, 2018, 6:30-7:30pm.


Follow the Facebook event and grab your tickets.