Lauren Neubauer

Originally from Eastern Nebraska, Lauren is a former wine specialist, do-it-yourselfer, home remodeler, urban gardener, and chicken keeper. She recently relocated to Fort Collins where she continues to be a wife, mom, nature lover, world traveler, foodie, herbalist, aspiring astrologer, and perpetual seeker and sharer of wisdom. She loves to inspire others to be the best possible version of themselves.

Why astrology?


Lauren became interested in astrology when she wanted to learn more about herself and her family. Through her studies, she has realized that astrology provides a great, in depth look into how others might view the world around them, which automatically gives you more compassion for those around you. That compassion allows you to communicate and work with others more effectively.
You can also look at the astrological symbols and constellations in our Salt Cave.

Join her for astrology studies!

Lauren hosts a Meetup here at The Orchard. Space is limited, but if you are interested and cannot make it work, or the class is full, please email us at [email protected] to let us know! We would love to host more Astrology Study Groups!