Salt is more than just something you put on your food! It also has so many health benefits, from balancing the pH of your skin and exfoliating your skin to the lung health benefits from breathing in the salt. Come to this Gettin’ Salty Party and see all the ways you can add this into your health program while having a lot of fun! What are we doing? We will have a quick intro to all of the benefits and some of the history, and then we are going to have FUN with SALT! You can make and take a salt scrub and a saltRead More →

Reiki is an amazing modality that you can use for yourself, your family, or add it to your professional life.   Reiki is a traditional Japanese relaxation technique that Dr. Mikao Usui founded in his quest for a way of more spiritual healing that didn’t have a specific religion tied to it. He searched for a type of bodywork that could help everyone! Through his search, Dr. Usui had a profound spiritual awakening that lead him to create what we now call Reiki.   Reiki can be broken up into the parts “Rei”  which means “Higher Power” and “Ki” which means “life force energy,” eachRead More →

We are happy to announce and invite you to our first Silent Retreat! Why a Silent Retreat? From buzzing of phones to the constant distractions available to us, it’s hard to find some quiet. But quiet is an opportunity for you to reconnect and really listen to your body.   What do you do at a Silent Retreat? Well, you… be silent!   We will allow you to take this opportunity to not have to speak. Not have to justify your existence, and just be. With that, we have a few items on our agenda, including some unstructured silent time: Yoga Meditation Salt Cave SessionRead More →

Are you salty? And by salty, we mean is your life full of the health benefits of salt.   Friday, October 26th, come to The Orchard to learn all about Salt! We added a Salt Cave to our facility, and this will be a great opportunity to see why we added it.   Halotherapy, or Salt Therapy, is a great way of promoting health and wellness. Halotherapy can help reduce the symptoms of allergies, asthma, sinus infections, and so much more. Did you know that the different types of salt have different tastes? Table Salt (regular, idodized salt) is just salt, completely stripped of minerals.Read More →

We have expanded more than we thought we would in a much shorter amount of time than we thought. Since November, we have added 5 new businesses, taken over the whole building, started yoga classes, built a salt cave, and grown our holistic health offerings.   We want you to get to know us!   On September 12, from 4-8, stop by to get to know all of the wonderful offerings we have here at The Orchard. Please stop by anytime during those hours and get to know us.     Faith Brandt will be teaching a Yin Yoga class. Jackie Fedyk will have aRead More →

We are extending our $20 deal to try the Salt Cave to the end of this month! Halotherapy is a great way to spend some time. Now until August 31st, enjoy 55% off of this healing service. This is a great way to help with your health and wellness. Halotherapy (also called Salt Therapy) can help with:   Skin conditions like: Psoriasis Eczema Acne Dermatitis Multi-chemical sensitivity syndrome Rashes PH Abnormalities Breathing issues like: COPD Asthma Smoker’s Cough Chronic Bronchitis Wheezing Allergies Other issues: Anxiety Depression Stress Ear Infections Lower Blood Pressure Increase VO2 Max   There really are so many benefits of this greatRead More →

We are expanding! Again! And we will be having some amazing opportunities for you.   We currently have the main level and the upstairs of our building, but starting May 1, we will also have the basement! Now, we are not exactly adding new businesses like we did the last time we expanded, but we are offering some amazing, new opportunities.   Yoga We have been asked time and time again about yoga classes. We will be adding a large classroom space that we will be able to start teaching yoga! With Faith Brandt at our head, we are working to offer you a newRead More →

By Jackie Fedyk   What is Art Therapy?   Art therapy in its simplest form is a branch of psychotherapy involving self expression and mindfulness to help one deal with stress, depression, anxiety, or PTSD through creating and maintaining art projects. Let’s talk about art as therapy, because you already have what you need to get started.   Art as therapy is something that you can take charge of yourself at anytime in your life. You do not have to have talent or a background in art to utilize art as therapy. My personal definition of art as therapy is to take time out ofRead More →