We are expanding! Again! And we will be having some amazing opportunities for you.   We currently have the main level and the upstairs of our building, but starting May 1, we will also have the basement! Now, we are not exactly adding new businesses like we did the last time we expanded, but we are offering some amazing, new opportunities.   Yoga We have been asked time and time again about yoga classes. We will be adding a large classroom space that we will be able to start teaching yoga! With Faith Brandt at our head, we are working to offer you a newRead More →

By Jackie Fedyk   What is Art Therapy?   Art therapy in its simplest form is a branch of psychotherapy involving self expression and mindfulness to help one deal with stress, depression, anxiety, or PTSD through creating and maintaining art projects. Let’s talk about art as therapy, because you already have what you need to get started.   Art as therapy is something that you can take charge of yourself at anytime in your life. You do not have to have talent or a background in art to utilize art as therapy. My personal definition of art as therapy is to take time out ofRead More →

Recently, we took over the upstairs of our building, which we are lovingly calling the Treehouse. This gave us more opportunity to grow our alternative health center and bring more wonderful practitioners to you!   As of February 1, 2018, we are a full house!   Meet our new partners: Molly Harrington with All About Me ~ Esthetician Anne-Marie Suddreth with Suddreth Psychotherapy ~ Therapist Elizabeth Brandon with LifesCreation ~ Therapist Jordan Himlie with Mantra ~Reiki Master Tracy Strother with Nourish ~ Registered Dietician   We are so excited to have them join forces with our current providers, and we hope you like them, too! Please take aRead More →