Survive the Holidays: Stay Active


Our Podcast has various episodes on how to Survive the Holidays.   Listen here:     Here's the Transcript: Today, we are continuing to talk about a few tips that you can do [...]

Survive the Holidays: Stay Active2019-03-25T13:55:05-06:00

Survive the Holidays: Preparation


Our Podcast has various episodes on how to Survive the Holidays.   Listen here:   Here's the transcript: Today we’re going to talk about a quick tip you can do [...]

Survive the Holidays: Preparation2019-03-25T13:55:56-06:00

Silent Retreat


We are happy to announce and invite you to our first Silent Retreat! Why a Silent Retreat? From buzzing of phones to the constant distractions available to us, it's hard [...]

Silent Retreat2018-10-30T10:21:01-06:00

Coming Soon!


We are expanding! Again! And we will be having some amazing opportunities for you.   We currently have the main level and the upstairs of our building, but starting May [...]

Coming Soon!2018-05-07T15:42:32-06:00

Art as Therapy


By Jackie Fedyk   What is Art Therapy?   Art therapy in its simplest form is a branch of psychotherapy involving self expression and mindfulness to help one deal with [...]

Art as Therapy2018-04-12T16:22:04-06:00

Ditching Resolutions Already?


It's half way through February, and statistically speaking, you might have already ditched or broken at least one New Year's Resolution. But you know what? That's okay! Because you don't [...]

Ditching Resolutions Already?2018-02-15T09:47:16-06:00

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