Tips on Surviving the Holidays are part of our new Podcast. Be sure to check out our other episodes.   Listen here:     Here’s the transcript: Today’s tip: Accept Last Minute Changes   You do not have to do everything! Not even all of the things you agreed to do. And sometimes, things don’t go your way! And that’s okay.   If you’re trying to have a Pinterest Perfect Holiday and you Nailed It, in the worst ways possible, just accept it and move on. Perfection is dull and boring, so if you succeeded in your Pinterest Perfect Holiday, it would just be thatRead More →

This is a continuation of our Podcast series about Surviving the Holidays with less stress.   Listen to the full episode:     Here’s the transcript: Today, we are continuing our tips on how to actually enjoy the holidays instead of dreading them. Today’s tip is to be careful of “shoulds.” Just think about how much stress comes from that word: Should. You should do this and you should do that. That word really obligates you to the speaker of the word. Who is that speaker that you are trying to appease? Who is shoulding on you? The speaker can be society saying you shouldRead More →

Our Podcast has various episodes on how to Survive the Holidays.   Listen here:     Here’s the Transcript: Today, we are continuing to talk about a few tips that you can do to help you enjoy the holidays instead of dreading them. The tip for today is: Stay Active! I’m not telling you to pick up an extreme exercise regiment, especially if you haven’t been working out regularly. But staying active and making sure you move every day has tremendous benefits. When it gets colder out, it’s easy to want to bundle up and stay cozy, which is a great way to spend time when it’s snowingRead More →

Our Podcast has various episodes on how to Survive the Holidays.   Listen here:     Here’s the transcript: Today’s tip is to set daily goals.   Imagine your life if you only had to accomplish one task per day! How great would that be?   Why not just do it! Live your life that way!   With everything that we have to get done, breaking down each task and assigning a different thing per day will ensure that you can get done everything that you need to get done, which will also make them more enjoyable.   Sometimes a goal can be taking aRead More →

Our Podcast has various episodes on how to Survive the Holidays.   Listen here:   Here’s the transcript: Today we’re going to talk about a quick tip you can do to help you get through the holidays.   This is part one of a series of tips and tricks to help you get through the holidays with less stress and more productivity so that you can actually enjoy the holidays instead of dreading them.   The tip today is Preparation.   Some people actually act as though November 25th is Christmas, or whatever holiday they celebrate. That way, they’re ready for it by that day.Read More →

We are happy to announce and invite you to our first Silent Retreat! Why a Silent Retreat? From buzzing of phones to the constant distractions available to us, it’s hard to find some quiet. But quiet is an opportunity for you to reconnect and really listen to your body.   What do you do at a Silent Retreat? Well, you… be silent!   We will allow you to take this opportunity to not have to speak. Not have to justify your existence, and just be. With that, we have a few items on our agenda, including some unstructured silent time: Yoga Meditation Salt Cave SessionRead More →

We are expanding! Again! And we will be having some amazing opportunities for you.   We currently have the main level and the upstairs of our building, but starting May 1, we will also have the basement! Now, we are not exactly adding new businesses like we did the last time we expanded, but we are offering some amazing, new opportunities.   Yoga We have been asked time and time again about yoga classes. We will be adding a large classroom space that we will be able to start teaching yoga! With Faith Brandt at our head, we are working to offer you a newRead More →

By Jackie Fedyk   What is Art Therapy?   Art therapy in its simplest form is a branch of psychotherapy involving self expression and mindfulness to help one deal with stress, depression, anxiety, or PTSD through creating and maintaining art projects. Let’s talk about art as therapy, because you already have what you need to get started.   Art as therapy is something that you can take charge of yourself at anytime in your life. You do not have to have talent or a background in art to utilize art as therapy. My personal definition of art as therapy is to take time out ofRead More →

It’s half way through February, and statistically speaking, you might have already ditched or broken at least one New Year’s Resolution. But you know what? That’s okay! Because you don’t need a calendar year to start new. You don’t need to wait for a certain date to commit to making yourself better! Most common resolutions: Lose weight / eat healthier Self improvements Better financial decisions Quit smoking Do more exciting things Spend more time with family Workout more often Learn something new Do more good deeds Find the love of my life Find a better job   All of those are great goals to have,Read More →