The Art of Feminine Presence is an amazing, powerful set of tools to help you embody your feminine essence and power. Be seen. Be heard. Inspire change.   Ann Rau has been an Art of Feminine Presence teacher and facilitator for many years, and loves empowering women to be seen and be heard with these practices. She has an innate ability to help those around her find the power within themselves to make the changes they want in their life, while also helping them shift their awareness to attract more of what they want in life.   In this special day event, join Ann toRead More →

Reiki is an amazing modality that you can use for yourself, your family, or add it to your professional life.   Reiki is a traditional Japanese relaxation technique that Dr. Mikao Usui founded in his quest for a way of more spiritual healing that didn’t have a specific religion tied to it. He searched for a type of bodywork that could help everyone! Through his search, Dr. Usui had a profound spiritual awakening that lead him to create what we now call Reiki.   Reiki can be broken up into the parts “Rei”  which means “Higher Power” and “Ki” which means “life force energy,” eachRead More →