(Our chairs are not set up this way during sessions, they will be spaced 6 ft. apart)


As the world slowly starts to open back up again, we are happy to announce that our Salt Cave is open again to the public! And of course we are following specific protocols that every business must follow in order to stay open and keep their business running. We are most excited about having people being able to connect again in person and share a space together while still practicing social distancing. Spending the last few months in isolation has affected us all to some degree and we realize that we all need human interaction to stay well and healthy.


Doing one of our salt sessions is a great way to reconnect with friends and family, as the salt cave is a relaxing environment and allows for intimate conversation. Salt therapy also has a lot of health related benefits, such as helping fight off viral infections (including COVID), congestion, seasonal allergies, asthma, skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis), COPD, upper respiratory infections, sinus ear infections, and stress. So if you’re looking for a safe place to reconnect with loved ones and still stay healthy, book a salt session with us! We’d love to have you.


Here are some of our protocols we are following:

  1. Each client will be asked COVID related questions when getting checked in, as well as their temperature checked and required to wash hands before starting session.
  2. Each session will be a private session for either single person, family units, couples, roommates, or small group of friends. Limit 4 per session.
  3. Chair and floor sanitation after every session (salt also helps to purify the room).
  4. All clients are required to wear a mask at all times while in the building, but can be removed in salt room once door is closed. Masks must be put back on as soon as clients are ready to come out.
  5. Total of 4 chairs per session that are spaced 6 feet apart.



  • New Clients – $35
  • Regular Price – $45
  • Groups of 2 or 3 – $40 per person
  • Groups of 4- $35
  • Kids Price (17 and under) – $35 


We also offer “Gettin’ Salty” parties for those looking for a fun way to connect in the salt cave while practicing social distancing. In this workshop, you will make a salt scrub and soak that you will be able to take home, as well as enjoy a quick foot soak. Cost of workshop is $45 plus $29 per person. Cost includes admission, free mini salt session, take home salt products, and snacks. For an extra $4, you can make your own wrapped salt pendent. To learn more about our Gettin’ Salty parties or to book a session, please contact us!