Gettin’ Salty Party

Salt is more than just something you put on your food! It also has so many health benefits, from balancing the pH of your skin and exfoliating your skin to the lung health benefits from breathing in the salt. Come to this Gettin’ Salty Party and see all the ways you can add this into your health program while having a lot of fun!

What are we doing?

We will have a quick intro to all of the benefits and some of the history, and then we are going to have FUN with SALT! You can make and take a salt scrub and a salt soak–we will teach you how to do this! You can also try a quick foot soak. You can try the salt pillows that help with pain management. Learn all about salt lamps, including why you might want a red light bulb instead of a regular light bulb. For an additional fee ($4), make yourself a wire wrapped salt pendant. We will also be giving away FREE 20 minute salt sessions in our Salt Cave.



Friday, September 6, 6-8pm

We will be having mini salt sessions throughout the party, so you’ll get a chance to try that out, too.


What else do I need to know?

Take this opportunity for a special discount on salt products and Salt Cave Sessions!

You’ll walk away from this with new knowledge about the benefits of salt and all the ways you can use it for your good!


How much?

Cost is $19, and that gets you admission, free salt session, and 2 make and takes! Plus the snacks, drinks, and fun. Purchase tickets online. Follow the event on Facebook for updates.

Bring a friend or a few friends. Light snacks will be provided. If you want more than one salt scrub or soak, bring an extra $4.

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