Everything is energy, and everything has an energetic push or pull. The stars and planets are no different. The placement of each planet for when you were born was divinely synchronized to help you in your life.


What is Astrology?

Astrology is the study of stars and their effects on us. It’s like Astronomy, but it’s the stories associated with the stars. It’s the stories of how we found the constellations and why we named them what we did. Astrology is astronomy put to poetry.


Astrology is considered a pseudo-science. The problem with it is that it is extremely individualized and relies on individual interpretation. The same chart will not repeat for over 2,500 years! That’s a lot of combinations. You could spend the rest of your life studying only your chart, and you will never be fully done.


Why use Astrology?

I do not consider myself an Astrologist–I do understand certain aspects and like to look at a few aspects of someone’s natal chart to help guide each person through this life. I view the natal chart as a map that can give you guidance. I do NOT do any kind of fortune telling with my astrology interpretations. There’s a few aspects that I use to increase understanding of my client as well as help them gain clarity on some of their tendencies.


What aspects do you use?

There is the 3 main aspects – Sun, Moon, and Ascendant sign. I also look at the Houses, as well as which planets are in which House. This is a basic understanding of someone–their personality, their emotionality, their ideals, and a basic way they view the world.


The 2 aspects that I LOVE working with are the North Node / South Node, and the Part of Fortune.


North Node / South Node

The Lunar Nodes show what lessons we are meant to learn in this life. South Node is where you were entered this world being comfortable–challenges or gifts you bring from before you came here. North Node is where this life is pushing you–the lessons you need to learn and the karma you need to learn.


The North Node / South Node are always opposite of each other. This single aspect shows why life is so hard! You enter this world being comfortable in one area, and this life is pushing you to be comfortable with the exact opposite ideals and lessons! Knowing this can give real clarity on what next steps to take.


Part of Fortune

This Arabic Part of a chart represents worldly success. This is for career and health and wellness. Fortune is all things that make one “rich,” like wealth and health. After all, having a history in holistic health, of course I add health in with wealth. I like using this aspect to help give some guidance on what to focus on in life to increase the feelings of health, wealth, and abundance.


We can go over other aspects, of course, but these are the ones I love to use when working with coaching clients.


For your astrological direction reading, email [email protected] your birth date, time, and place. You can also use those to set up your appointment or you can book online directly.