What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese relaxation technique that uses little to no touching. We have 7 subtle bodies, and each one can affect another. I’ve seen this with massage clients–chronic pain can actually stem from negative beliefs or


How does it work?

The Life Force that flows through each of us has many names–chakras, meridians, nadis. It also fills up our auras, our organs, our joints, all of our being. This life force enlivens all aspects of being, including our emotions and thoughts, whether conscious or unconscious. Disruptions block that flow of energy. Disruptions can be physical or emotional traumas, chronic stress or pain, or even unhealthy habits.


Reiki helps restore that flow and fill your energetic field with positive energy. The vibrations of the world around us play a huge role in how we interpret information. Raising the vibrations of your being helps to clear negative energy away from you, and they can help with negative thoughts and feelings. Clearing these energetic flows of life help to allow your body and your Life Force to heal you naturally.


What to expect?

When you come in for a Reiki session, you can wear whatever clothing you’d like. We want to make you feel really comfortable, so you will be lying down on a massage table and we can throw some blankets on top of you if you are getting chilly. Sometimes that happens when we work with the energy fields.


I like to use gemstones as well to help with the session. Everything was created with spiritual properties that are used for our good. Different stones can help increase the effects of the Reiki. I also can put you and your struggles in my Reiki Box if you’d like, a place where I keep details for distance healing.


During your session, you will feel relaxed. You might feel some sensations as we move the energy and remove blocks and disruptions. Many people after the session will feel lighter and freer, leaving with a new vitality.


How do I book?

You can book a healing Reiki Session with Marissa online.

You can see one of the wonderful Reiki Practitioners at Under Pressure Therapeutics for more availability and for special deals with their membership.


Reiki Training

I also teach Reiki Attunements, so you can do Reiki on yourself, your family, your pets, and anyone else you want to.


Learning Reiki and going through the Attunements helps you to stay more grounded with the earth, connected with your Higher Self, and more in control of your emotional responses. It helps you become more empathic and patient with those around you.


Reiki Attunements are scheduled throughout the year, and largely based on interest. Email [email protected] to express your interest or ask any questions you might have.

We start with Level 1 and go through Level 2 and end at the Master Level, where you can then teach and attune others with this practice. Keep an eye on our Facebook Page, sign up for our Newsletter, and check out our Classes and Workshops page for when we schedule our next opportunity.



If you don’t believe that there is an energy field around each of us that can be influenced, then Reiki is not for you. Sure, you can interpret that statement that I’m admitting it’s a placebo effect, but honestly, it’s more that people who don’t believe in it attribute their progress to everything else besides the Reiki. I’ve seen this in massage where someone comes regularly, then their pain goes away, so they stop coming because they’re feeling better, not thinking that they were feeling better because of the massage.