Salt Inhalers

Bring a little Salt Therapy with you everywhere you go with these Salt Inhalers. You fill the basin with coarse pink Himalayan salt, and you breathe in the salty air. It helps with allergies, especially since you can bring the puffer with you and puff on it all day long!

They come in ceramic and in a plastic travel puffer that includes a case! Many people like to have the ceramic one at their desk at work while they carry the puffer with them.

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Salt Lamps

Salt Lamps are a great addition to your home. By adding a salt lamp to your home, can help you improve your mood, boost energy levels, create better sleep, and even help with allergies and respiratory symptoms.

We have the following lamps in stock:

  • Mini Natural Cut Salt Lamp
  • Small Natural Cut Salt Lamp
  • Medium White Natural Cut Salt Lamp
  • Small Aromatherapy Salt Lamp
  • We can order really any size of Natural Cut Lamps, ranging from 3 lbs to 225 lbs.
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Abundance Bowls

Abundance bowls are really cool to keep around. Not only do you get the benefits of the salt lamp, but you also have a great piece of art in your home. These lamps are carved into bowls with loose salt bits on top, which create a nice glow. We have the following abundance bowls:

  • Small Fire and Ice Abundance Bowl
  • Medium Fire and Ice Abundance Bowl
  • Medium Abundance Bowl
  • Lotus Abundance Bowl
  • Flower Abundance Bowl
  • Wooden Basket Feng Shui Abundance Bowl
  • Wire Basket Abundance Bowl
  • There are so many kinds of Abundance Bowls; we can order anything that we don’t have.
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Crafted Salt Lamps

These crafted salt lamps can really add to the theme of any room. We have the following crafted salt lamps:

  • Globe Salt Lamp
  • Leaf Salt Lamp
  • We can order dolphins, elephants, dogs, cats, crosses, flowers, and so many other options. If you have something specific you’re looking for, we can help you.
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USB Salt Lamp

Bring these salty benefits to your work, right next to where you work. These USB Salt Lamps are small and fit easily on your desk, but definitely add a great ambience while they’re combating all of the positive ions and such. We have the following:

  • Natural Cut USB Salt Lamp
  • Pyramid USB Salt Lamp
  • Globe USB Salt Lamp
  • We can order different shapes if you’d prefer
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Night Lights

Enjoy the warm glow of the salt while you sleep. Many people love these for their kids. We keep the following night lights in stock:

  • Heart Night Light
  • Lamp Shade Night Light
  • Natural Cut Night Light
  • Globe Night Light
  • There are some other options we can order
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Edible Salt

Most people think of eating salt as how you use salt. There are different kinds of salt, and eating the Pink Himalayan Salt adds a great flavor to your food while it also re-mineralizes your body. We have the following options of consuming salt:

  • Fine Grind Bag of Salt
  • Coarse Grind Bag (used with a grinder)
  • Salt Shakers in different sizes
  • Salt Grinders in different sizes
  • 1X4X8 inch Cooking Tile
  • We can order different cooking tiles
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Odds and Ends

There are so many ways you can use salt, and we have a few interesting options:

  • Foot Detox Tiles – put these in the oven to cleanse your feet and keep them warm.
  • Small Deodorant Eggs – use a natural way of killing smell-causing bacteria while also reducing the amount you sweat.
  • Salt Pillow – use this as your heat pad and add salt therapy to what you’re heating.
  • Salt Scrub – exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin.
  • Bath Salt – soak in a warm bath and soak in the benefits of the salt.
  • Candleholders – We have large, flower candleholders and smaller, heart shaped candleholders. These are more for small candles / tea lights.
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We work with the Himalayan Salt Cart, so if you see something on there you’d like, please let us know and we can get it for you! Why would you order through us if we’re giving you the information from our supplier? Because we don’t charge you shipping!

You can call or text us at (970) 205-9116 to reserve your salty product or you can stop by during our business hours.