Salty Therapy

Salt Therapy has been around for almost 200 years. Throughout that time, we have used salt in baths for soaks, topical scrubs for skin health, and inhaling salt for lung health.

Salty Benefits Our Space Offers:

The story of Salt Therapy and all its benefits can be pretty technical and has a lot of Polish and German names.

Salt Therapy has its beginnings in Eastern Europe and Russia. We accidentally happened upon the benefits. One doctor named Dr. Feliks Boczkowski noticed the differences between the salt miners and the coal miners. The salt miners had luminous skin, great lung health, and the had a vitality to them.

This made Dr. Boczkowski consider their working conditions and concluded that the act of mining the salt was helping their health! Between the heat of the earth creating the salt to sweat and the mining equipment dispersing salt particles into the air, the miners were consistently breathing in the salt and having it dissolve on their sweaty skin.

The thing that he noticed the most was that coal miners would die from lung issues, but the only real danger with salt mining was the act of mining. The miners had made chapels and beautiful sculptures at the entrance of the mine. The miners would pray for protection before going into the mines.

Dr. Boczkowski founded the Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland in 1839. It mainly offered salt water baths and salt breathing in the mine. Here, he could really observe the benefits of salt therapy.

In 1949 a German physician named Dr. K. H. Spannahel observed people hiding in the salt caves from the bombs of World War II had better respiratory health, even with all of the devastation going on around them. That pushed him to create the Klyutert cave with the Hungarian geologist Dr. J Kessler as an inpatient facility to observe the climatological conditions that he believed to be responsible for the health benefits. At that point, they called it Speleotherapy.

In 1958 Professor Mieczyslaw Skulimowski became the lead physician of the Wieliczka Salt Mine and began the use of regular salt chamber treatments, using the system that he created called the Skulimowski Method, where people would use the underground salt mines as therapy. They also called this Subterraneotherapy.

Professor Kulimowski focused on treating respiratory conditions and started the Kinga Allergy Treatment Spa inside the Wieliczka Salt Mine. This helped to solidify the benefits, specifically with allergies, of salt thearpy. During this time, he also explored other health benefits.

The first speleo-hospital opened in Ukraine opened in 1968, furthering the reach of salt therapy.

Russia began studies on the benefits of salt as therapy and started inventing devices to maximize the benefit and to bring it to the masses. This was called halotechnology. Halo- coming from the Greek root for salt. In 1985, Russia in conjunction with salt caves from Uzhgorod developed the first halotherapy device.

After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the knowledge of this halotechnology started to become available to the rest of the world. Halotechnology has continued to advance and in 2015, Halotherapy Solutions created the halogenerator that we use in our salt cave.

To this day, the Salt Therapy Association and others are conducting further research on the many benefits of salt as therapy.

Dry Salt Therapy

Dry Salt Therapy is specifically the use of salt in dry form for inhalation purposes. This therapy derives from going into the caves and participating in the Skulimowski Method.

We have our man-made salt cave, so it’s not exactly the same as going into the earth. But with the halogenerator, it mimics the climate and environment of a salt cave, so you can experience many of those benefits.

We also offer salt inhalers that you can take with you. These are really great for an on-the-go or at home option for dry salt therapy and are very supportive for continuous care.

Other Therapeutic Uses of Salt

We’ve used salt for so many things for so long, so you will know a lot of these benefits.

  • Salt Scrubs
  • Salt Lamps
  • Bath Soaks
  • NetiPot / Nasal Rinses

We have our online store full of salt products and as we find a good product that is beneficial for you, we will add those!

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