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Today, we are continuing to talk about our tips on how to enjoy the holidays instead of dreading them.

Today’s tip is: Limit Alcohol Intake

Alcohol is one of those things that is totally recession proof. When you’re down on your luck, you need a drink. When you want to celebrate, you need a drink. And it’s totally fine to celebrate and enjoy the holidays with an adult beverage in your hand. It’s also fine to take the edge off of uncomfortable situations with a glass of wine.

Just make sure that you aren’t drinking the holidays away.

Obviously, we all know about the amnestic affect that alcohol can play in your life—blacking out with your family isn’t smart. Blacking out at parties isn’t safe. So obviously, don’t get blackout drunk, please.

But limiting your overall alcohol intake can help keep your mood up and prevent things that you might not want to have happen.

Alcohol is a downer. If one of the things you struggle with is depression or just keeping your mood up, don’t drink a lot of alcohol. Limit yourself to enjoying one, maybe 2, beverages per evening, and definitely save it for occasions. Do not drink every night.

One thing to keep in mind is the loose tongue that can also happen with alcohol consumption. If you’re trying to hold your tongue to not get you in trouble with different family members, then definitely don’t drink around them!

Also, and especially, if you struggle with anxiety or depression or bi-polar disorder or really any psychological challenge, please limit your alcohol! If you’re on medications, please be sure that you can drink on those meds before you do, and still limit yourself to a couple of glasses per night.

Most importantly, if you drink, make sure you are drinking responsibly. Arrange for someone else to drive or grab a Lyft or Uber. The bill will definitely be better than causing a life-changing accident. Check with your lawyer, too, because there are law firms that will pay for your Lyft bill if it means they don’t have to help you with a drunk driving case.

Have fun, and stay safe.