Our Podcast has various episodes on how to Survive the Holidays.


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Today we’re going to talk about a quick tip you can do to help you get through the holidays.


This is part one of a series of tips and tricks to help you get through the holidays with less stress and more productivity so that you can actually enjoy the holidays instead of dreading them.


The tip today is Preparation.


Some people actually act as though November 25th is Christmas, or whatever holiday they celebrate. That way, they’re ready for it by that day.


This doesn’t mean that you are going to get all of your holiday decorations up and bake all of your famous recipes and actually celebrate it that early.


What we are talking about is you determining before November 25th how you’re going to spend the holidays. Some people go away for the holidays, while others stay where they are. People might be asking you to come over for the holidays. Not only that, there are so many events, parties, and traditions that you could participate in.


I know so many people who hate and dread the end of the year because they feel overwhelmed, overworked, exhausted, fat, unhealthy, unhappy, and so many other negative emotions. Panic attacks happen, yelling and family fights ensue, and it makes for a really overdramatic experience for everyone. Do you know how many of these things can be taken care of just by making the decision now??


Is there something that you hate doing during the holidays that you always feel obligated to do? Don’t do it! Remove yourself from the situation, or use this opportunity to have a conversation about changing the tradition, or adding a new one.


Do you feel spread too thin by going to 3 parties a week all through December? Make the decision now to only accept one party invite a week.


Do you feel overwhelmed with buying the right gifts for everyone? Everyone you work with, everyone you go to church with, everyone in your family and even extended family? Make the decision now create a list of the people you WANT to purchase a gift for, and leave the rest out! Or if you really can’t do that, get some holiday pictures taken and send a holiday card to anyone else that you can’t get by without giving a gift to.


And sure, you can get quite a bit of your shopping done before November 25th. Yeah, you might miss out on some deals, but if you’re limiting the number of gifts you’re buying, you might be able to afford some things before they go on sale.


Get these things done, and it’s smooth sailing.