We have wonderful teachers with their own businesses who will teach out of The Orchard, and we want you to know more about them. Holistic health education is our passion and goal.



Britany Gann heads up our DoTERRA classes and workshops. She doesn’t just talk about the oils, but she teaches you practical ways of utilizing them into your daily life while instilling the precautions necessary for each oil, should there be one. She has learned the profound benefits of these oils through using them in her home with her family.


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Email her at healthybynature22@gmail.com.


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Doula Services


Amy Johnson owns Colorado Birth Connections, who has served mothers for the past 6 years, helping them wade the waters of motherhood. She has an inspiring passion for helping women, infants, and families in her postpartum doula business.


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Visit her website for all of her classes, resources, and information, or call (970) 646-1354.


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CPR and First Aid


Meredith McCarthy with Learning By Heart CPR has a fun and effective way of teaching CPR and First Aid for anyone in any profession. The importance of learning CPR is literally between life and death. If you haven’t renewed your CPR certification or have never gone through a class, Meredith will become your preferred teacher.


Visit her website or give her a call at (774) 200-0061.

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Natural Beauty Products

Robin Hughes owns Family Balance Yoga and also works with Beauty Counter, a fantastic company that focuses on giving you healthy, non-toxic beauty products. From shampoo to lipstick, they have it all.


Visit her website or call (970) 673-9642.


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