What is Reiki Therapy?

Reiki is a type of spiritual treatment that works on a person’s energetic body. Originating from Japan, the word Reiki comes from the Japanese word “Rei” which means “Universal Life” and “Ki” which means “Energy”.


A Reiki practitioner will typically use palm healing or hands-on-body healing to address the areas or chakras that need attention. This kind of treatment works holistically; focusing on the whole body, mind, and spirit. The experience of Reiki is unique to each individual and can be life changing to some, while subtle to others. Some people experience heat coming from the practitioner’s hands, and as well as feeling stress release, relaxed, or like there is a new “flow” inside the body.


Each person is different and will require their own type of treatment depending on what the practitioner feel’s needs work on.


What to expect in a Reiki session

Going in for a Reiki session is very similar as to going in for a massage. You typically are in a private, quiet room where you and your practitioner can discuss the process and talk about if you have any specific needs. Always be sure to let your practitioner know if you have any health conditions that may impact you by laying flat on your back or front or if you have any areas that are sensitive to touch.

Most Reiki sessions require all client’s to be fully clothed while lying on a treatment table or sitting comfortably in a chair. Your practitioner may use crystals, singing bowls, or other non-disrupting props during your session. They will then use light, non-invasive touch with their hands and hold on a series of locations. The placement of hands is never inappropriate or with lots of pressure. Some sessions may require no physical touch at all, as the practitioner may hover their hands over a particular area if needed.

Again, each session is unique. Some experience deep relaxation, while others may get slightly light headed. Other common experiences are subtle pulsations where the practitioner’s hands are placed or cascading waves of pulsations throughout the body. Regardless, a Reiki session shouldn’t feel at all intense or intolerable. If you are experiencing any uncomfortable sensations, let your practitioner know right away.


How can I book a session?

Some of our Massage Therapists at Under Pressure Therapeutics are Certified Reiki Practitioners that can incorporate Reiki along in their massage services. Marissa Kae offers individual reiki sessions, and Erin Purdy also offers private sessions.


If Reiki is something you’d like to experience, please contact one of the above practitioners, and we will get you scheduled for your own transformative experience.


**Reiki practitioners are not licensed professionals that can diagnose or cure any diseases. They may make some after sessions suggestions like drinking water or getting rest. Most people find that with more sessions, they start to feel a noticeable different in their over well being.**