With our Goddess Gatherings, I like to specially formulate a bath soak. As I learn about the goddess, I consider what she teaches, what essential oils are representative of her, and how she empowers each of us. I then formulate a special soak just for that gathering.


Why a bath soak?

I know not everyone likes taking baths. I personally LOVE baths, and I have studied the benefits of baths and essential oils and salts. Baths soothe joints and achy muscles. Aromatherapy calms the senses and helps to relax the mind. Pink Himalayan salt helps the skin and the joints.


The biggest reason why is because of the Yin/Yang dance. Yin is symbolic of femininity, water, flow, and creation. By taking time to find flow in a bath, you awaken more of that flow within yourself. More of that divine feminine energy.


Adding the special soak to your bath helps to embody more of what that goddess has to offer. I always consider the teachings and what she might have gone through while I allow the aromas to wash over me.


Join us for our next Goddess Gathering to learn more about this wonderful practice.


You can purchase our Limited Edition Goddess Soaks on our online store.


(Please know that when I say “feminine” or a variation, I mean the energy of the feminine. Everyone has masculine and feminine energy, and the “balance” of it varies from person to person. I am in no way stating that you have to be a born girl to experience femininity or want to awaken the feminine side of your being. My goddess gatherings are for individuals who want to awaken that feminine energy within them.)