Yoga means “union” in Sanskrit. Yoga is the union between mind and body; between breath and movement. Yoga unites the physical with the divine.


Stretching is one of the best things you can do for your health. With our society the way it is, we get really stagnant. We stop moving in ways our bodies are meant to. Then we have limitations with our movements. Stretching helps, especially yoga.


Learning to belly breathe, the type of breathing you do in yoga, helps calm the senses and helps you bring more oxygen to your cells. Belly breathing helps with neck pain and headaches, even.


In our yoga space, we do not have mirrors. Yoga is about being in the position, whatever that looks like for you and your body. Yoga is about connection, not the way you look in a posture.


We offer different classes, and we do not have a set schedule, per se. We will have some set classes and we will have series of classes, where you focus on a certain aspect for X amount of classes.


Our space is about 520 square feet, and it is available for rent, either for yoga teachers, meditation teachers, or someone who wants to rent it for a workshop or class. Cost for that is $40 per hour, with discounts available for consistent classes.


Please be sure to book your time slot and check our calendar for the most up to date information about our yoga classes.


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Upcoming Yoga classes:

Sunday, November 4, 11am – 12pm – EveryBody Yoga with Amanda

Thursday, November 8, 6 – 7:15pm – Hatha Yoga with Megan

Sunday, November 11, 11am – 12pm – EveryBody with Amanda

Sunday, November 18, 11am – 12pm – EveryBody with Amanda

Saturday, November 24 – Silent Retreat with yoga with Amanda

Sunday, November 25, 11am – 12pm – EveryBody with Amanda



Reserve your spot in our yoga classes online or call or text (970) 205-9116.