Welcome to The Orchard: An Integrated Health Center. Located just 2 blocks south of Stuart on Lemay, our cozy nook in Fort Collins brings you a sweet community of holistic health practitioners.


Each one of us at The Orchard specializes in something that can and does add value to your life. From therapeutic massage to naturopathic medicine, we offer a wide array of services that complement one another and help create more peace in your life. Please take the time to learn about each of us.

Counseling and Therapy:

Erin Purdy Counseling with Erin Purdy

LifesCreation with Elizabeth Brandon

Therapeutic Massage:

Under Pressure Therapeutics


The Orchard works together to put your health and wellbeing first. Each of the modalities offered focuses on more natural ways of healing the body and managing illness or discomfort.


For more information, please email [email protected].