Yoga is a common practice many people do to relax their body and mind. It is something that can help us cope with our everyday stressors and constant on-the-go lifestyle that many of us live. This sort of busy lifestyle can lead to daily stress, anxiety, and exhaustion for most. It is important that we take care of our mental health just as much as we do our physical. Yoga is also great to help strengthen the mind-body connection, which results in reduced anxiety, feeling more relaxed, and having a calmer state of mind.

Here are a few ways yoga helps for a better peace of mind:

  1. It grounds you to help with deeper relaxation – Grounding postures in yoga like wide-legged forward bend pose and supported bridge pose create a deeply relaxing effect on the whole body.
  2. You become more aware of your body – In yoga, the main objective is to focus on the ins and outs of your breath as you move throughout the poses. As this is happening, you become much more aware of your body sensations.
  3. It brings you back to the present moment – The breath is an amazing tool to bring you back into the here and now. When you are doing the sequences in yoga, your focus is more on breathing through the movements and staying with the breath, instead of letting your mind wander.
  4. It helps to release negative energy from the body – Most of us experience emotions like stress, worry, anxiousness, or exhaustion at some point in our lives. Some may even experience these emotions daily.
  5. It allows you to quiet the inner chatter – The mind can be a place to hold our most inner doubts and insecurities. But when we step onto our maps, our mind begins to shift into silence and be relieved by a sense of quieting down.

Interested in hosting a yoga workshop? Looks for a space to meditate or lead a group meditation?
We have a spacious yoga room to rent out to teachers and can safely fit 8-10 people while still practicing social distancing.

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Written by Maria DeFrancesco, Health Coach