Join The Orchard

At The Orchard, we have 8 offices that we rent out to other health care practitioners. We also have our classrooms and the Salt Cave for special events, workshops, or short term rentals.

When we are looking at people to join our community, we look for people who might be a good fit! We are all about care, community, and respect for each other. We don’t want just anyone, but we do want to help whomever joins us.

When you join The Orchard, you’re joining a center with multiple professionals and many amenities.

  • Relaxing waiting area ambience (relaxing music, soothing essential oil diffuser, welcoming staff)
  • Water/tea in waiting areas for you and clientele
  • High Speed Internet
  • All utilities included
  • Common areas and bathrooms cleaned
  • Freedom to paint / decorate the full time offices any way you wish
  • 2 hours free in our small classroom per month
  • Discounted rates on renting the yoga space for larger classes/workshops
  • Discounts on the Salt Cave
  • 3 free coaching sessions with Marissa (can be strategy sessions, business planning, mindset shifts for business owning–whatever you need) (also discounts on additional sessions)

Full Time Offices Available:

Main Level Office 1 — 120 sqft — $550/mo; $550 Security Deposit

Part-Time Offices Available:

Office 4 — 100 sqft $200/mo; $200 Security Deposit to be shared with Elizabeth Brandon

Classrooms are always available for part-time rental

We love coming up with fun, unique ways of supporting businesses, so if you have an interesting idea of what you’re looking for for space, please reach out and we can chat!

For more information or to set up a time to look at the spaces, please call or text Marissa at (970) 779-1913 or email [email protected]