We have multiple providers with specialties including Massage Therapy, sound healing, reiki healing, and Life Coaching. The Orchard also features a state-of-the-art Salt Cave that features a variety of health benefits. Please visit our Partners page to learn more about each of your trusted partners.

With multiple centers around town, The Orchard stands out because it’s unique, serene building away from the bustle of the city, but still in the city. The collaborators include providers and teachers with vast backgrounds and skills to help each individual who walks through our door. Collaborating with each other is easy when we are all under the same roof!

Have you heard of salt therapy (also known as halotherapy)? Our state-of-the-art salt cave has proven medical benefits ranging from calming your sinuses or clearing your skin!

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Collaboration with other alternative health care practitioners always creates a better, health centered environment. And the fact that all of us here have similar goals helps us to move forward in our own individual businesses.

The Benefits

We want you to help you achieve a healthy mind, body & spirit.




The Orchard is an amazing facility to help you reach optimal well-being! Whether you want a massage, acupuncture, counseling or yoga, this is the place to be! Also, they are one of the few places to offer a salt cave in the area. Their salt cave is not only beautiful, but effective and relaxing!

Katie C.

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