Get Clear Goals Fast

In this hour long coaching session, we will go over what you want to accomplish, where you are, and what’s been holding you back. Get ready to dive deep. This is a power session designed for maximum benefit to YOU!

Before the call / meeting, Marissa will email you a review sheet that you will need to fill out beforehand. Set aside time to fill this out and really think about things.

During the meeting, we will dive deep into what you want and create a plan to help you accomplish that plan. You will go home with a game plan that you can easily implement.

Special: Get Clear Goals in 2020 for $20! (valid one per person) (can be given as a gift)

Stay on track with regular coaching throughout the year. Do it 2 ways: intense weekly coaching, or a monthly checkin. Or you can run with the plan you get at the end of the session.