The holidays can be really stressful, and many people dread them, instead of looking forward to them. We want to offer our wonderful Podcast as a resource to you.


We are posting (trying for daily) tips about little things that you can do to make sure you enjoy the holidays a bit more. These can be something that’s much more internal or they can be about really getting out there and changing something. Either way, we hope you find this helpful.


Current Tips:

Tip 1: Preparation

Tip 2: Set Daily Goals

Tip 3: Give Back

Tip 4: Stay Active

Tip 5: Stop Shoulding on Yourself

Tip 6: Accept Last Minute Changes

Tip 7: Limit Alcohol Intake

Tip 8: Fight Loneliness

Tip 9: Don’t Overfill Your Schedule


As we post new episodes, we will have links to them here. If you have a suggestion or would like to be on the podcast, please email [email protected]


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