The Art of Feminine Presence is an amazing, powerful set of tools to help you embody your feminine essence and power. Be seen. Be heard. Inspire change.   Ann Rau has been an Art of Feminine Presence teacher and facilitator for many years, and loves empowering women to be seen and be heard with these practices. She has an innate ability to help those around her find the power within themselves to make the changes they want in their life, while also helping them shift their awareness to attract more of what they want in life.   In this special day event, join Ann toRead More →

We are proud to announce that we have been serving the Fort Collins and Northern Colorado community now for 4 years! Over those years, we have gone from a small center on the main level of a building with 6 businesses all the way to expanding into the whole building, supporting 9 full-time businesses, plus adding in 2 spaces for countless other entrepreneurs to use and a salt cave!   Our providers from the beginning: Under Pressure Therapeutics Debi Saidman-Ireland with Touch of the East Acupuncture Dr. Lorraine Caron, Naturopath Erin Purdy, Counselor Faith Brandt, Counselor   Newest Members: Tiah Terranova, Psy.D. Elizabeth Brandon withRead More →

Join Marissa Orchard for this great webinar all about boundaries!   There are a million books about this, and everyone says “just set those boundaries,” but what are boundaries? How do you know if they’re healthy or not?   Learn: What are boundaries. When do we need boundaries. With whom should we set boundaries. How to set boundaries. What to do when someone tries to push those boundaries.   When: Monday, April 29, 2019 6:30-7:30 We will be on a Zoom call. When you register, you will be sent an invite to join the class as well as all of the other information needed.  Read More →

We are excited to announce that Alan Burd is joining us!   Jordan and Tracy are moving into a different space, and while we are sad they are leaving, we are happy for them. We are also happy to have Alan join our team of partners.   Alan’s former life was dedicated to special education. He has since graduated from Naropa University¬†and started his career as a counselor. Alan loves to help others¬† find themselves.   Services: Contemplative Counseling Pastoral Counseling Compassionate Presence Shamanic Peer Support Ceremonial Support To find out more about Alan and how Burdsnest can help you, please call (970) 218-3381 orRead More →

The Chinese New Year this year begins on February 5, 2019 and goes until January 23, 2020. The Chinese zodiacs go off of years, but because the Chinese New Year is a little different than the Gregorian Calendar we use today, you have to make sure which year you fall under if you were born in January or the first part of February.   What is the Chinese Zodiac, and why is it different? Like most great folklore and legends, there are stories that explain why we think or believe or do something certain ways. The origins of the story of how we have these 12Read More →

With all of the wonderful offerings we have here at The Orchard, we have some great deals that you can take advantage of this Holiday Season.   Giving a self care experience shows that you care about someone more than just stuff. You’re concerned for their health and well-being. From Salt Sessions to massage and acupuncture, we have you covered.   Salt Cave VIP Membership Enjoy UNLIMITED Salt Cave Sessions for a full year for only $999! If you’re that person who has springtime allergies and fall allergies and prone to getting sick in the winter and lives with you Neti Pot every day, thenRead More →

We have 2 specials for this 2018 Black Friday!   Save $25 on our Silent Retreat on November 24th! This Silent Retreat is a practice in the art of letting go. Join us tomorrow for a special Labyrinth walk, salt cave session, yoga, and meditation practices, designed to help you invite peace into your daily life. Get your discounted tickets today!   Save 33% on Salt Cave Gift Certificates! Give the gift of breathing better. Or having better skin. Or relaxing more. The Salt Cave helps with too many ailments to not take advantage of this great offer. Purchase gift certificates by calling or textingRead More →

We are sad to see our wonderful esthetician and lash artist Molly Harrington leave. We are also excited to announce we have a 140 sqft office coming available September 1, 2018. Collaborate with the wonderful practitioners of here at The Orchard. We have a beautiful waiting area, scenic courtyard, and wonderful people to work alongside. This office is on the ground floor and the waiting area has a tea and water bar for clients to enjoy while they wait. The wide windows offer beautiful views of the trees and courtyard. An essential oil diffuser adds inviting aromas to the experience at The Orchard. There isRead More →

Our Salt Cave has numerous benefits, and we want to share those with you.   In June, we were under construction to build a Salt Cave. We had over 6,000 lbs of pink Himalayan salt shipped in, rerouted the circulation of the room, took out all of the natural light, added out own LED lighting, build walls of pure salt, and turned a 150 sqft room into a cave. We also installed a machine that grinds salt down into microscopic particles for optimum medicinal benefit.   So why did we build a salt cave? The benefits of a Salt Therapy, or Halotherapy, are astounding andRead More →

We are expanding! Again! And we will be having some amazing opportunities for you.   We currently have the main level and the upstairs of our building, but starting May 1, we will also have the basement! Now, we are not exactly adding new businesses like we did the last time we expanded, but we are offering some amazing, new opportunities.   Yoga We have been asked time and time again about yoga classes. We will be adding a large classroom space that we will be able to start teaching yoga! With Faith Brandt at our head, we are working to offer you a newRead More →